ISC Executive Committee Team


Executive Committee Leader


Ken Spedden
Ken Spedden’s Bio

About 5 years ago Ken had a vision of creating a new platform to promote innovation and collaboration to drive actionable outcomes in support of addressing difficult challenges facing national security and the greater good. In 2011 the ISC was founded, and under Ken’s guidance it has grown and morphed from a grass roots coalition of the willing into the international science and technology non-profit organization you see today, supporting federal, state, and local government organizations, commercial enterprises and academic institutions. Ken is responsible for leading the vision for providing collaborative and innovative public and private ISC gatherings that result in actionable outcomes for participants from Government, Academia and Industry.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for public or private events, please feel free to contact Ken.


Director of Operations, Executive Committee – Initiatives Leader

Michelle Chance
Michelle Chance’s Bio

Michelle joined the ISC almost 5 years ago, and took on the responsibilities of Director of Operations about 2 years ago. She has been involved with leading many of the organization’s initiatives and events, including Open Innovation Demonstration Days, Loudoun County First Responders Challenge, and Loudoun County Public School Challenge and Fair. She is currently involved with the Assistive Technology Challenge, the Super Accelerator and Student Innovation Center, and a number of other STEM-related initiatives.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas about STEM-related initiatives or start-up opportunities, or you need technical assistance with our website, please contact Michelle.


Executive Committee –
Global Technical Scouting
& Crowdsourcing (Initiatives) Leader

Dr. Earnest Paylor, II
Dr. Earnest Paylor’s Bio

Earnie is on the ISC Executive Committee and Leadership Team. He joined the ISC in early 2014 and is primarily responsible for global sourcing and research related to emerging technologies and new product offerings. He has been involved with the leadership and execution of a number of successful ISC projects and events including for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Loudoun County First Responders Challenge, and the Loudoun County
Public School Challenge.If you have any questions, comments or ideas relating to these initiatiatives or Global Technical Scouting & Crowdsourcing, please contact Earnie.


Executive Committee – Outreach, Fundraising, & Sponsors Leader
Steve Hargan
Steve Hargan’s Bio

Steve has been actively involved with the ISC for the past 3 years. He has held a number of positions, and is currently spearheading the Super Accelerator and Student Innovation Center, and is the focal point for sponsorships, grants, and other fundraising opportunities in support of ISC’s initiatives.

If you have any questions or comments, or are interested in supporting the ISC or any of our initiatives, please contact Steve.


Executive Committee – Technical
Evangelist (Initiatives) Leader

Rich Rosenthal
Rich Rosenthal’s Bio

Rich has been involved with ISC for over 4 years and has helped organize several conferences and challenges for ISC. These include technology company competitions, small business presentations, first responder challenges, and
the Loudoun County Public School Challenge. He has been a judge and speaker on several panels. Currently he is a member of the Executive Committee Team, and supports planning and requirements gathering for the development for upcoming events and initiatives.If you have any questions, comments or ideas about how your organization’s technology can be showcased, please contact Rich.


Executive Committee –
Business Strategy Advisor
Bob Krieger
Bob Krieger’s Bio

Bob, as a former Executive Team Leader, continues to provide support strategic direction as we grow and expand the ISC. He joined the ISC 4 years ago and has been involved with implementing a wide variety of initiatives, including the Assistive Technology Challenge, the Loudoun County First Responders Challenge, and the Loudoun County Public School Challenge.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas about how the ISC leadership team operates, the initiatives listed above, or of new efforts that should receive ISC leadership attention, please feel free to contact Bob.


Executive Committee – Membership Leader
tom.deornellas@isc-connect.orgTom DeOrnellas
Tom DeOrnellas’ Bio

Tom’s organization, the Lindsey Business Group, is one of the original supporting professional organizations for the ISC.  Given his background, he is uniquely qualified to help our Members understand all of the Membership Benefits and pro bono services all of our professional organizations are offering. He represents the gateway to all of our Member Only Services, and will be Members and Prospective Members central contact person.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas about joining the ISC, Membership Benefits, how to connect with the people you need to meet, or how the ISC can serve you better, please contact Tom.


Executive Committee – Investors Leader
david.loughran@isc-connect.orgDavid Loughran
David Loughran’s Bio

Dave is currently is a member of the Executive Committee Team, focusing on investor relations and special events. He joined ISC at its inception in September 2011. Since joining, Dave has focused on helping to broaden ISC’s brand recognition and membership by having his employer, Xenith Bank sponsor many ISC/Xenith events attended by Xenith customers and prospects.

If you have any questions about investment opportunities with ISC, or arranging a special event, please feel free to contact Dave.

Supporting Leadership Team

  • Michael Lucero, Director of Public Policy
  • Peter Van Voris, Director of Global Crowdsourcing
  • Owen Brown, STEM and Student Innovation Coordinator
  • Rick Gordon, Super Accelerator Investment Coordinator
  • Gerald Radican, Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Michael Enriquez, Outreach, fundraising, Sponsors Coordinator
  • Matt Thunell, West Coast Outreach
  • Daniel Sokolowski, EU Outreach
  • Bill Brucato, New Capabilities Discovery
  • April Lenhard, Next Gen Coordinator
  • Caehla McGeady, Internship Coordinator