Relevant Experience

Sample of Exemplars from 2012-2015

  • Pioneered two (2) first of its kind innovative technology challenges to assist local Government and

    • September 2014 – First Responder Technology Challenge: Utilized global open innovation
      techniques and practices to surface unique collaborative solutions to assist first responders in the
      Nation’s 2nd fastest growing county (Loudoun County, VA).

      • Result/Impact: This challenge was referenced as a key talking point in shaping a National
        First Responder Challenge initiative that was funded by the Science & Technology
        Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security. The ISC is a named team member for
        these national initiatives with the Center for Innovative Technology.
    • October 2015 – Loudoun County Public School Challenge: Utilizing global open innovation
      techniques and practices to address technology challenges (including Safety and Security) for
      Loudoun County, VA. This initiative is publicly endorsed and supported by Loudoun County, VA,
      the Governor of Virginia and his office.

      • Result/Impact: This challenge has evolved and been endorsed by the Loudoun County Public
        School System (80,000 students) to produce annual technology fairs wherein students can
        showcase tangible solutions in areas of need for their own school system. This annual event
        provides the baseline template for a repeatable structure and process that can be used in
        public school systems across the country.
  • Spear-headed U.S. Government inter-agency meetings focused on advanced visualization, advanced analytics
    and threat intelligence, hosted by two Federal Agencies. Leaders from nine (9) Department of Defense,
    Intelligence Community and Civilian Agencies.
  • Co-created the vision for a massive unclassified cloud instantiation that fuses together open innovation
    elements with threat intelligence to provide a holistic common operating picture for agencies to address
    intelligence and technology threats. This has been briefed across every directorate of a U.S. Government
    Agency and is under funding consideration.
  • Testified to the National Commission for the Review of Research & Development Programs in the United
    States Intelligence Community regarding “Disruptive Ways to Bring Innovation to the U.S. Government.”
  • Funded by a U.S. Government Intelligence Agency to advise on future-state technology needs and to assist in
    solving three challenges facing one of its Program’s.

    • Result/Impact: In just twenty-one (21) days, the ISC applied global open innovation techniques that identified the top three ideation solutions and top forty-three (43) technology capability solutions from around the world to meet the Agency’s challenges. ISC findings were featured at an Agency Industry Day where ISC leaders served as facilitators between Agency personnel and Industry/Academia to stimulate and surface open technology discussion and collaboration.
  • Successfully organized and executed over twenty-five (25) public innovation and technology events
    enabling collaboration and cross-sector technology discovery between Industry, Academia and Government

    • Result/Impact: Galvanized hundreds of companies and thousands of people for meaningful
      information exchange, technology capability transfer and new solution development.
  • Teamed with The Robert Packard Center for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
    at Johns Hopkins University to submit a solution for a national innovation challenge. The ISC team (led by its
    Executive Director) took first place in a National Innovation Challenge for its proposed individualized
    patient therapies to assist Armed Services Veterans suffering from ALS.
  • Advised leaders from a Division at a U.S. Government Agency on global open innovation techniques that
    would be applicable to help assist in a new intelligence program.

    • Result/Impact: Formally named in the Agency’s Request for Proposal issued to Industry as a key
      component on the innovation milestones.
  • Oversaw the architecture and development of a new, first-of-its-kind global long range secure communication
    delivery system that was demonstrated live at a public ISC event. Five Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)
    technologies were integrated to achieve the new capability using just forty (40) person hours.
  • Provided thought leadership and insights in the areas of global open innovation and future state technology
    needs for several Intelligence Community Agencies and other Federal Agencies.
  • Organized and led seven (7) open innovation challenges to designed to solve challenges related to Critical Infrastructure, Communications in Disadvantaged Areas, Healthcare Big Data, Assistive Technologies
    (Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs-In process), First Responders & Transportation and the
    Public School System for the 2nd fastest growing County in America.
  • Recognized as the Technology Business of the Year Finalist in Loudoun County (2014) and one of the Top
    100 most innovative companies by The Intelligence Community.Com (2015)