What We Do

ISC collaborates to bring the best organizations together delivering innovative solutions to “hard-to-solve” problems. Our broad range of activities include:

  • “Hard Challenge” and Technology Events, to seek, evaluate, recognize, and reward emerging champions of art, science, and technology
  • Strategic collaboration sessions, inviting the best in industry to share ideas and innovations
  • Engaging students and educators (STEAM/STEM initiatives) to build a culture of innovation
  • Applying ISC’s VIVID Framework to advance disruptive solutions for a better world

The ISC recognizes no boundries. There is no challenge that we cannot consider. We innovate, we stimulate, we learn and we grow. The information below represents some of the methods we employ to achieve our goal of improving the world in which we live. We hope you will join us as we endeavor to make positive changes wherever we go.

Hard Challenge and Technology Events

ISC engages government, academia and industry organizations seeking solutions to hard-to-solve problems. We implement the VIVID Framework, working collaboratively to integrate the best qualities of our partners to achieve next generation solutions. These events are often co-sponsored by other non-profit and industry organizations.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event, or wish to have the ISC co-sponsor your event, please contact our Events Coordinator.

Strategic Collaboration Sessions

ISC facilitates collaboration to ensure that good ideas and tools are brought together to form excellent solutions. We believe that the the best ideas can come from anyone, so we engage people with a diverse range of views, backgrounds, ages, and experiences to explore problems from all angles.

ISC holds Members Only events that include think-tank style meetings, collaborative lunches and many other informal gatherings where people can share ideas freely.

STEAM/STEM Initiatives

The ISC is working to develop a culture that supports creativity and innovation in our youth and provide them with the tools needed in the 21st century workforce. We actively seek new ways to engage students with all types of interests to brainstorm real world problems, and to participate in cross-disciplinary activities, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). When learning is fun, it is fun to learn!

VIVID Framework

ISC developed and implements the VIVID (Virtually – Innovate – Vet – Incubate – Deliver) Framework as a unique rapid protoyping process.  The VIVID Framework reflects a paradigm shift in the way people interactively convert ideas into solutions. We collaborate from local to global levels to tap into the network of innovators and achieve high impact solutions that deliver significant value to targeted recipients.

ISC Projects and Initiatives

The ISC has been leading projects and initiatives since its inception in 2011. Read about some of our proudest accomplishments from 2012-2015 Relevant Experiences.

Ideas for Initiatives?

The ISC is always looking for new opportunities to bring people together to share ideas. Contact the ISC.