UAV and Forestry Innovation Challenge

Welcome to a new paradigm of addressing hard challenges confronting our Nation and our World!

We extend a special welcome to participants in a newly forming Silicon Valley crowdsourcing ecosystem.

As a leader in the application of open innovation, the ISC is pleased to support and coalesce distributed problem solving ecosystems in collaboration with the U.S. Army’s Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate’s Innovative Discovery Science Platform (iDISPLA) and the SOFWERX vision to bring the right minds together to solve challenging problems.

Below you will find links to overviews of the two challenges with a link to submit your high-level ideas on how to solve them on these pages. The two challenges are:

The top three proposed solutions to each challenge will have the opportunity to meet virtually with the stakeholders and venture capitalists.

Key Dates to Remember:

  • Initial Survey needs to be completed by May 31 (Silicon Valley ecosystem only)
  • Proposed solutions to the challenges need to be submitted by May 22 – NOW CLOSED
  • Top 3 solution winners for each category will be announced on June 22 at the Silicon Valley Ecosystem Kick-Off Party and posted on the website on June 23. The Winners will be contacted directly.

Challenge Overview:

  • The questions you are answering are the identical questions that were provided to middle school and high school students in the first-ever crowdsourcing innovation initiative in the history of the Virginia Department of Education. The results were outstanding, and State Champions were announced on April 1. This initiative was formally recognized by the White House in June of 2016 as an initiative of impact across the country.
  • There are ecosystems across the country and abroad that are being given this challenge. We anticipate the ecosystems when combined will be reaching over 200,000 people.
  • The high-level analysis from your submissions and the students’ submissions will be accumulated anonymously and presented anonymously to leaders in various U.S. Government Agencies.
  • We will provide a continual feedback loop for all participants who submit a response through the ecosystem POCs.
  • If you encounter any technical issues please send an email to Michelle Chance at

Submission Ground Rules:

  • The ISC nonprofit is a nonpartisan organization so we kindly ask that political views not be included with your submissions.
  • The ecosystem is designed to provide initial high level thinking on how to address real challenges facing our country and the individuals that live in it. We will not be asking for detailed responses this go around to protect any items that one might consider Intellectual Property (IP).
  • If there are suggested ideas or submissions that are of specific interest to government/NGO stakeholders who would like to discuss the ideas in more detail, we will ask the individual who submitted the ideas if an introduction is acceptable.
  • Negative, derogatory, explicit or inappropriate expressions are not permitted inside your submissions. While this ecosystem serves as a forum for expression of thoughts and ideas, we want to remain focused on positive outcomes from the submissions provided by individuals.
  • By submitting a submission against these challenges you acknowledge that you are agreeing to the ISC Terms and Conditions, and are releasing the ISC and any of its Officers from any liability or harm.

NOTE: We are currently accepting challenges and sponsorships for the 2017-18 Student-Led Ideation Challenge. This year’s SLIC Program was so successful that students’ ideas have been presented to venture capitalists and Science & Technology Depts in several of our government agencies. Let middle and high school students help you find solutions to your hardest problems. Contact Michelle Chance, for more information.