White House Recognizes ISC and VA Dept of Ed for Student-Led Ideation Challenge (SLIC)

Jun 17, 2016 – The SLIC Program, designed to bring creative problem-solving and critical thinking to ~400k high schoolers in Virginia in the 2016/2017 school year, was recognized by the White House for the launch of  this design thinking innovation competition.

The ISC and Virginia DoE will provide an immersive learning experience for the students, and allow them to apply critical thinking towards real world challenges. This Challenge is also being audited by 10 other states who may elect to join the next Challenge Cycle. This collaboration initiative between the Commonwealth of Virginia and the ISC was formally selected (based on level of impact) to be included officially in the launch of the 2016 National Making Event last Friday, June 17. There were approximately 1,500 organizations (Universities, Public School Systems, Government Agencies, large corporations) nationally involved in this kick-off of National Making Week (with commitments from hundreds of new initiatives) and the ISC/Commonwealth of Virginia initiative was one of only approximately 130 formally listed in the White House Press Release Fact Sheet on Friday.

The SLIC Challenge will be a public-private partnership funded initiative with elements from the U.S. Government and private Industry.

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Here are some news articles and updates that followed this event:

For more information on or ways to explore supporting this Innovation Initiative please contact SLIC@isc-connect.org.