Giant Gray 1st Tech Member From Texas

The ISC welcomes Giant Gray as our newest member, and an example of our ever-expanding geographic reach within our Membership.

Giant Gray builds upon more than 10 years of innovative research and development in machine learning technology to create their own Graydient Platform – an award-winning technology of the world’s first security and safety platform that configures itself and learns on its own. With this Platform, Giant Gray can formulate solutions for SCADA, video, and cyber.

Despite having good people and great technology, institutions and businesses come to Giant Gray when:

  • There is too much safety and security data to manage
  • Adding more people to keep the facilities safe and secure is not an option
  • There is a fear of new threats that haven’t been seen yet

Giant Gray now has been awarded more than 150 patents, making it a top-10 leader in machine learning technology along with companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft.